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Beginners:  Stages 1 - 7
From 4 years old children can join in our small group sessions in order to help them gain confidence and learn to swim.
Intermediate Swimmers
Once the children have passed stage 7 they are invited to join either our stamina class (45 mins) or  friendly pre-squad.  They train from 4:15 - 5:15 on Sundays and are welcome to train during the Monday and Thursday sessions.  They still continue to improve stroke technique and build stamina.
Advanced Swimmers
When the coaches feel the children and young people are ready they will be invited to join the squad.  The children begin to work on the finer techniques needed for racing competitively. 
Please note that the lessons are a guide to assist scheduling a class only – each swimmer is taught according to their own individual level and entered into the appropiate stage level.
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